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3 Months

About Course

Python is a general-purpose programming language used to build just about anything. Python is key for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing, all of which are key for pursuing IT careers. This is an introductory course on Programming Fundamentals which we go from basic to advanced level. Its aim is to introduce basic concepts of Programming with Python is used to implement programming fundamentals. Understand the key hardware (HW) components in a modern computer system and how software is mapped to the HW.

The design of the curriculum is path-breaking and includes several aspects, each one designed to build a strong foundation for the domain, and help the student gain an ability for constant learning, not just for his first job but for life.


  • Project-based learning helps the student apply his knowledge into projects that simulate real-world situations.

  • Objective-driven sessions constantly keep the student and his mentor focused on the immediate task at hand while constantly ascending a well-defined spiral of learning.

  • A telescopic laying out of the three Terms in each Career Series Program provide a clear line of sight and a pursuit of a destination that clearly differentiates from the competition.

  • Guided Practice offers every student an opportunity to polish his learning at a pace that is comfortable for him. In a stress-free environment, Guided Practice enables the learner to also go beyond the classroom inputs and build more practice hours under his belt – something that his potential employers will find valuable and different.

Entering Profile

  • Basic knowledge of computers.

  • User-level experience with any computer system, including the use of mouse. 

Certificate Title

Certificate Program in Python Programming

Exit Profile

Applications Developer in Python

Course Content

  • Introduction To Programming Using Python.

  • Variables, Statements, Operators and User Input.

  • Conditional Constructs & Functions.

  • Flow of Control & String Data Type

  • Working with Files and Exceptions

  • List and Dictionaries, Tuples.

  • Networking in Python

  • Web Scraping and Using Web Services.

  • JSON and SOA API Programming

  • DataBase Connectivity(SQLITE/MYSQL)

  • Visualizing Data in Python

  • Automating Task and Using Command Line Argument

  • Graphical User Interface(GUI) Using Pyqt5.

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  • Cascading Style Sheet(CSS 3)

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  • Efficient program logic using pseudo code.

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  • Network Theory

  • TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery

  • Routing and Swithching

  • Network Security Implementation

  • Cloud and Virtualization Techniques

  • Troubleshooting Network Issues



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